We are introducing the Stage Race format for 2018 on a pilot basis. This may be your only chance to do a multi day stage race of this distance so don't miss out on your opportunity.

We will be adding flesh to the format skeleton on a day to day basis as the pieces come together. Our first piece is to determine what size of field to expect so that we can make arrangements in the towns along the route where we expect to end each stage.

We need as many registrations as possible by 7/1 and we will work with that number to try out the concept. 
Part of why we are trying to establish a stage race field by 7/1 is so that we can approach towns/venues along the route with some leverage to say we need a way support X number of people on a specific date. Most of the towns for our "planned" stage stops will have hotel/motel/cabins available. We also want to work on common camping area in each of those towns for folks who are trying to do it on a budget.

"Semi supported" means we'll haul your gear to the end of the stage each day but you have to take it from there for your overnight setup whatever that is. We are actually encouraging teams to show up with support crews to handle the heavy lifting for the overnight stuff. We will allow support crews at a couple of designated checkpoints for each stage but not for on course support outside of those checkpoints.

The current rough draft for stage stops/mileage are:


Friday depart - Texarkana, AR 0
Saturday depart - New Boston, TX 43 (we have common camping here already, several hotels/motels)
Sunday depart - Paris, TX 149 (common camping in place, all major hotels/motels)
Monday depart - Denison, TX 270 (numerous camping options in the immediate area so should be good, all hotels in the area)
Tuesday depart - Henrietta, TX 410 (municipal campground which will probably work but we haven't verified yet, our favorite party hotel here too)
Wednesday depart - Vernon, TX 536 (Lots of hotel/motel options, unsure of camping situation)
Thursday depart - Childress, TX 638 (municipal camping option still needs to be verified, all hotels/motels)
Friday depart - Silverton, TX 738 (private camping facility with cabins that wants us to stay there already, no motels/hotels though)
Saturday depart - Vega, TX 861 (city park which we've had permission to use in the past and expect to again, good hotel/motel options too)
Saturday arrive - Tucumcari, NM 1000 everyone is on their own but the town is full of classic Route 66 motels

We are confident that we'll be able to put overnights together but we need to have a solid number to approach the towns with for leverage. They have all been very supportive over the years when approached about helping out the RAT self supported but everyone ends up doing their own schedule on that one and attrition is high because everyone tries to put in 18 hour days on the bike. We need to be able to bring a group to the towns instead of them waiting on folks who never show up.

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